Saturday, April 19, 2014

Resources on Endocrine Disruptors

A friend here just asked me to send her resources on endocrine disruptors. I sent her the email just after finishing a draft post on Earthaven's Guiding Principles, and then I reread the article (linked below) describing how the chemicals and other industries hide how dangerous the chemicals we live with are. The good-vs-evil contrast was intense and I became so angry I had to post this now...

If you don't know what endocrine disrupters are, please follow the links, especially the last one. In short, the endocrine system is the system the body uses to send signals (such as hormones) regulating all manner of body processes. It's used for slower signals (minutes to weeks) in contrast to the nervous system which is used for faster signals (near-instant responses). Many chemicals mimic these natural hormones, causing tons of problems, especially in the womb, testes, ovaries, etc.

"Our Stolen Future" is both a book and website about endocrine disruptors:

News stories about Endocrine Disruption:

Discussion of industry-sponsored, biased studies designed to keep people ignorant and regulation lax:

Mother Jones has an amazing article on how the chemicals and other industries have tried to hide how damaging these chemicals we live with are. It makes my blood boil:

I'm going to be writing more about this kind of issue in the future - how little awareness or control we have over the health of our environment, schools, foods, etc, and how I'm addressing that in this transition. I refuse to raise a family exposed to the risks described in the links above.